Chávez Wish List

The Chávez Elementary School PTO partners with our entire Chávez Community to support two Wish List programs:

The School Wish List supports teachers and staff requests for classroom materials. Our School Wish List coordinator is Mandi Stevens,

The Family Wish List is a way for Chavez families and supporters to help other Chavez families fill certain needs, such as groceries or internet bills, by making monetary donations. Our Chavez PTO Community Outreach Coordinator is Jessica Kramer,

Wish List FAQs

Do I have to donate the full amount of an item? No; we have larger ticket items broken down into quantities so that a donation of as little as $10 can go toward fulfilling the wish. There is also a “Where Needed Most” option where you can donate any amount you wish.

Is my donation tax deductible? Yes! As a donation to/through the PTO, your donation is tax-deductible.

How do wishes get fulfilled? 
School Wish List: The PTO orders the items and makes sure they get to the person that requested the item.
Family Wish List: The PTO works with the school social worker, Andrea Herrera, to identify needs and direct funds toward fulfillment of those needs.

Will I know which family is getting my donation? No; family wishes are confidential; identifying information is limited to those that need to know in order to fill the need (which is why we work with Ms. Herrera).

Anyone can donate either Wish List, whether you are a member of the Chavez Community or not, so feel free to share the link with others in your life who may wish to support our Chavez community.

Thank you for your support!